Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Special Yule Market in Freeport, L.L.Bean

We had an outdoor Farmers Market (we called it the Yule Market) on Sunday here in Maine.   The generous folks at L.L.Bean put up a large tent to keep us out of the very chilly wind.  All the vendors were bundled up good, wearing layers of long johns and multiple pairs of socks, scarves and mittens, down jackets and ear muffs.  We had 25 or so vendors, many of these vendors are part of our summer market and were happy to be back.   You could find gingerbread houses and cookies, cupcakes and breads, chestnuts and maple syrup, wood bowls and Alpaca yarns, soap and candles, spices and herbs, fresh eggs and cider, lobsters and soo much more!  Here are a few pictures from the event.

The giant tree in Discovery Park, right next to our tent.  There were also ice sculptures carved by local artist, but I didn't have time to take pictures before it got dark (I was very busy selling soap)!  I snapped this photo just as dark was closing in.

Our giant tent.  Complete with sides (to keep out the wind) and lights inside!  L.L.Bean even provided us with tables, chairs and even tablecloths.  They were very generous to us.  Blocking off a whole parking lot for the tent and vendor parking the Sunday before Christmas (wow!) they did  alot of advertising for us too.

Very, very busy inside the tent.  Look at all the L.L.Bean brown bags! 

And music filled the air!  Wonderful, upbeat, old fashion Christmas music just made the event perfect. 

What fun!  We all hope to continue next year and create a new December tradition. 

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