Monday, February 21, 2011

Something New!

Want to see something brand new? 

Well, you saw it first when you came to this blog! See the beautiful new mermaid image with my Casco Bay Soap Co. name?  I am in LOVE!  My new artist friend, Cynthia has captured all things Maine, Shannon (that's me) and Casco Bay Soap Co. all in one.  She gets it!  She has created the most beautiful new labels for my soap, laundry detergent and little gift tags.

And also new, I mean so brand new that this is a mock up.  I didn't even have sticker made's taped on so you can see.  Check this out:

This is my new laundry soap packaging.  I have switched to a white bag, I like it because it's brighter.  Also, it is smaller in size.  this is so that more of you will take the plunge and try the detergent with the lower price.  This is a 1.5 pound size bag, as opposed to the other bag, which was 2 pounds.  Can you see the little brown seahorse on the bottom left?  It is much better in person, but I wanted to share with you.

She is doing a fantastic job.  Thanks Cynthia!  You can find her and her beautiful artwork here on Etsy: 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brunswick Winter Market on PBS

The wonderful market that I am part of during the winter months was featured on MPBN the other day.  A local TV crew (1 camera guy and host Jennifer Rooks) came to the market about 5-6 weeks ago and interviewed and filmed at our market as part of an episode on Winter Farming.  I am proud and fortunate to be part of this great market.  And always happy to be include in any Farmers Market along with other "value added products".   Here is the episode that was on Maine MPBN the other night here in Maine.   There are a few interviews from local farmers and a look inside our Winter Market held in Brunswick.  As an aside, you can see my table and me (I'm wearing a raspberry colored sweater and have green tablecloths) at the 11:46 minute mark.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Farmers Markets Featured On TV ~ TONIGHT!

Tonight on MPBN / Maine PBS will be a featured story about Winter Gardening in Maine. A film crew came through about 5 weeks ago and interviewed and filmed several of our Brunswick Winter market farmers. I hope to post tonight's episode here on the blog for you to see, if it is available. It will be nice for those of you that can not make it to the market, to see a bit of what it is like on a bustling Saturday.

In the mean time, here is a video from one of the market vendors, Sunset Farm Organics.  I purchase delicious little micro greens from them for wonderfully fresh salads during the week.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 National Toboggan Championships

This past weekend the weather warmed up to the mid 20's and my parents, hubby and I bundled up and ventured out to the 2011 National Toboggan Championships that are held each year in Camden, Maine.   It has quite a draw.  People from all over the world come to compete.

Hmmmm, no vehicles on the ice?  Really, because it looks like that is what they are doing.

Tailgating, Maine style.  Fire pits, beer, burgers grilling all the fun of any regular tailgating party!  Oh and of course, waxing up your toboggan for a super fast run.

There are lots of wacky costumes as amateur and professional teams compete in the races and also are judged on their attire.

Our friends Bennett and Kat brought along their pizza oven and were selling Wood Fired Pizza to the masses.  It was really good.  Of course, I want a pizza oven now.

We were sure to cast our vote in the Chili Cook-off.  You paid a small fee and got 11 different little cups of chili to taste.  You then voted for your favorite. 

This was also lunch.  They were all very good.  But, I did have my favorites.

But the main attraction, the toboggan races!  My dad and I were talking briefly, and only briefly, about entering in the amateur division next year.  Wouldn't that be fun!?

Here's the chute.  It's pretty basic, only wood sides and about 18-24" wide.  Iced down really good too.   In the center of the picture, above the people in red, you can see a very small hut/house.  This is where the run starts.  You are kind-of dropped onto the chute and away you go! 

Hold on tight!

Of course, someone has to keep score of the times.  In the lower left of the picture, you can see one of the wacky costumes.

And I leave you with this....doesn't everyone need a crochet beard/moustache/hat?

This was all held at the Camden Snow Bowl, where you can do more than Toboggan, you can ski, go tubing and more.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sea Urchin Soap

I made another batch of those beautiful Sea Urchin shaped soaps and they came out of the mold perfectly this time.  I did a bit of research and crossed my fingers and they came out of the mold just beautifully.   So, I now have to work on pricing and packaging.    I was playing around with this clear oval container that I use for my soap samplers.  It was the perfect size.  The little circle you see tied on with the ribbon is actually a little button of the Casco Bay Soap Co. mermaid.   I still need to work on a label and find a more exciting ribon but here it is so far:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some New Soaps

Cabin Fever?  Maybe, I have spent some time inside due to the cold, snow and the ongoing Soap Studio project.  Sometimes you just have to make something new.  I'm happy to show you some new soaps....

In The Garden ~ Basil & Sage with crushed Sage, Calendula petals and Poppy Seeds.

This soap doesn't have a name yet.  It's very fresh and a bit sweet, some rain-type fragrance in there as well.  Swirled with 2 tones of blue and a white, the colors should develop deeper as the soap cures.  A sprinkling of Poppy Seeds too.

Lavender & Herb.  Sweet, fresh lavender with some herby undertones.  3 layers.  Bottom layer is simple white soap, middle layer is a light green and the top layer is white again with the addition of Calendula petals.

Since winter isn't close to being over, I'm sure that you will see some more new soaps soon. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vote For Casco Bay Soap Co.

Help get the word out about Casco Bay Soap Co.   Please consider voting for Casco Bay Soap Co. under the category "City Life ~ Best Kept Secret" for the Portland Phoenix Annual BEST Issue! Just follow the directions to submit your vote and that's it!  No need to create an account or remember any passwords.  Easy Peasy!  You can vote everyday, tell your friends.  Thanks for your help. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, What Else Is New?!

We have had a heck of a winter!  Lots and lots of are the latest snaps from our storm on Saturday.

The snow was really coming down!

A reflection of me in the glass of the back doors.  You will notice I'm all bundled up in my snow pants and down jacket while my little kitty Rocky peers at me from the warmth of the living room.  See the hot tub in the reflection?  We decided to close it down for the winter this year and we are glad that we did.  

The drifts at the back of the house are more than 1/2 way up the rear garage door.  I gave up trying to shovel it out because I was just darned tired after shoveling soo much snow from all the other doors and porches.  You can see our lobster traps won't be free and ready to fish until mid spring or so!

What?  How did this picture get here?   Oh yeah, this is what I wish it was like....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bath Soap?

Wow!  This strange soap was brought to my attention on one of the soap forums I participate in.  Several of the members do indeed remember it and thought it was fun.  One girl even remembers having the dog version over in Germany. I think I'm too young to remember this crazy soap or it was before my time.  I'll ask my sister, as she seems to remember anything, particularly TV commercials. Can you believe it? A soap that grows hair or fur? Do you remember this?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Super Speical New Soap!

I made something new today.   I made a beautiful shaped soap, a Sea Urchin! It's my same old fashion, 100% veggie, made from scratch soap, scented with my Sea Mist fragrance and slightly swirled with blue.   I added a bit of opalescent mica, brushed on after it was out of the mold,  to the "bumps" on the Sea Urchin to make it extra pretty.

I'm not sure about this soap.  It is beautiful and while I am excited to do something new, this soap needs some tweaking.   Right now it is not an efficient way to produce a lot of soap.  I can only make 1 at a time, it takes a lot of effort to get it out of the mold and when it did come out, it wasn't perfect (some of the bumpy designs were left behind in the mold).   It will take some work and will need some special packaging, but I have a feeling that more than a few of you are going to really like it.

What are your thoughts?