Meet Your Soap Maker

Hi, I'm Shannon, your soap maker. I live in Maine. I love it here. My husband (whom I often refer to as Captain in some of my blog posts) and I used to vacation here, both separately when we were children with our own families and then as we dated and later, married. And lucky us, now we live here. How much fun is that? Living where you loved to vacation? The only problem we have is we don't go anywhere when we take a vacation!

(One of the many islands off of Maine's beautiful coast).

I love all sorts of crafts and have my whole life. I used to go spend the weekend at Nana Eleanor's and bake cookies, garden or sew. I would spend the weekend with Grandma Esther and make string-type-on-the-loom potholders, "stained" glass items baked in the oven, and dye Easter eggs with onion skins and make all sorts of shades of pinks and reds. But not just being introduced to crafts is what "got me".  It's in my blood, it's part of me and my family.  Grandpa Ben painted, Nana Eleanor painted. My mom is crafty, my sister is crafty. My dad is a carpenter.  I went to college for Interior Design, my sister went to school for Jewelry Design.   I have held corporate careers as a Visual Merchandiser, a Window Dresser (in Boston) and a Photo Stylist for a major discount departments store. Until recently I worked as the baker for a gourmet brownie bakery called Simply Divine Brownies. I go to craft shows and don't buy anything. Why? Because I am forever saying "I can make that". I can sew, knit, make simple jewelry, rubber stamp, make homemade paper, needle felt, garden, paint, photography, scrapbook, bake, cook and more. I don't do many of these things anymore. Because I am in deep with the soap making. I confess, I do sometimes knit, sometimes bake and often still cook.

(Me!  Your soap maker).

I have been soap making now for about 8 years. It all started so innocently with a trip to the local craft fair and me picking up a bar of soap and exclaiming to whomever was with me (probably mom) "I can make this". So I set out to learn. I scoured local libraries, the internet and even joined a few Yahoo groups all about soap making. I am self taught. I made a few batches, but had no one local to talk to about soap making. I contacted one of the gals in a Yahoo group from the mid-west. I sent her a bar of my soap. She wrote to me and said, if this is your first attempt, you are onto something, this is some of the best soap I have ever used. I was hooked. I started making and giving bars for friends and family. Then they started paying me for the soap. Then, Captain and my family encouraged me to try to sell at the Farmers Market. I am entering my 6th year selling at Farmers Markets and I am so happy to bring my soap to you!

(Selling at the Cumberland Farmers Market on a Saturday).

This blog is a diary of sorts as I work on projects in and out of the soap studio. Sometimes you get soap posts, sometimes you get my favorite local restaurant, a new recipe to try, or sometimes just photos from last weekend when I was hauling my lobster traps on Casco Bay (see below). You'll get a little bit about what's happening in the life of your soap maker. Thanks for stopping by.

(Yup, this is really me.  Hauling my traps one summer evening. My lobster bouys are even pink)!

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