Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clean The World!

So very happy to be sending off some of my soapy extras to this great foundation!

About Clean The World

"Every 10 seconds, a child dies from a disease that could have been prevented with proper hygiene. The bar soap your group will be collecting, will be used to save lives. Depending on the demand at the time we receive your soap, it will be used in the hygiene kits we make and distribute to domestic homeless shelters here in the US or sent to one of the 70 countries we distribute to that greatly need bar soap".

Here are some photos from their website!


What is Clean the World?

Clean the World Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization committed to reducing the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products and preventing the millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses around the world.  Clean the World was founded in February 2009 by Shawn Seipler and Paul Till and is based in Orlando, FL.

How does Clean the World accomplish its mission?

Clean the World accomplishes its mission by collecting, recycling, and distributing discarded soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions and gels from participating hospitality partners. Clean the World recycles guest room hygiene items at its Recycling Operations Center (ROC) and distributes them for humanitarian purposes with partnering nonprofit organizations. The items are distributed domestically and to children and families in communities around the globe.

How does soap save lives?

Hand washing with soap significantly reduces the impact of two fatal diseases: acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. These are the top two killers of children less than 5-years-old, and represent an opportunity for recycled soap to become the primary ingredient in Clean the World’s global hygiene revolution.

How much waste has Clean the World
prevented from going to the landfill?

Since inception, Clean the World has eliminated more than 1.4 million lbs. (700 tons) of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.

Find them here:  http://www.cleantheworld.org/
And here on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CleanTheWorld

Happy to help and send them my soap scraps and imperfect and/or misshapen bars!  I hope to continue to send them soaps on a monthly basis. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Casco Bay Collection

I have something new!

I am very happy to announce that I have a new line of soap packaging....The Casco Bay Collection!

The Casco Bay Collection includes 8 of my top selling, Maine themed fragrances tucked into a crisp white box with a beautiful new label! Each labels is a bit different in pattern and color - they are soo beautiful!   You can still smell and see the soaps, thanks to the little opening at the front.   The labels have fun designs on them, like little blue fish, a mermaid (that would be the Mermaids Garden soap), little crabs or a ship in a bottle.  They are gorgeous all lined up in a row.  Such pretty colors.  The wrap around label covers each end flap so the box stays sealed.
 I worked with a wonderful designer and we created these gorgeous labels for my collection. 

You can find her here:

Check out my pics. of the new collection:

This is the back.  All the label have the Casco Bay Soap Co. Story and you get all sort of information on use and care of your soaps, ingredients and contact information.  PLUS The Maine Made logo!  You can also see more of the label pattern/colors/detail back here.
The fragrance lineup:

Blueberry Cream -  Maine's slightly sweet fruit mingles with vanilla cream with a turquoise blue label covered with white starfish and lazy swimming fish

Walk In The Woods -  Maine pine, sugar and blue spruce evergreen with a bright white label with apple green seaweed and fun blue fish. 

Wild Sea Rose - Delicate and traditional, Maine Rosa Rugosa - a.k.a Beach Roses with a turquoise label cute, swimming white fish and gentle waving seaweed.

"Casco" Bay Rum - Slightly spicy, old fashioned fragrance with a tan label dotted with blue ships-in-a-bottle.

Summertime Citrus Scrub - Bright lemon verbena with poppy seeds & cornmeal scrub.  Lime green label with white and blue fish, yellow accent seaweed too!

Day At The Beach - Hot sand and suntan lotion. Ah, summer days!  Powder blue label "crawling" with cute white crabs and few little fish.

Mermaids Garden - Fresh and green with seaweed and Maine sea salt.  Coral pink label with white seated mermaids, soo sweet!

Sea Shore Scrub - Fresh and clean with fine ground apricot seed.  This label is red with blue and white fish.

Find them all for sale here:  http://www.cascobaysoap.com/category_11/Casco-Bay-Collection.htm and with me soon at the market.