Questions You Ask

I often get many of the same questions. Either at market, via email or attached to an online order. Simple ones such as "Do you have a physical store"? and more complicated ones such as "How do you make soap"?. I have included below some of the more frequent questions. I will also post this on the left side bar, so you and others can references it in the future. And as always, keep those questions coming! I am happy to answer them and love to hear from you.

1. Does Casco Bay Soap Co. have a physical store?

No, not yet! But I am hope full that someday soon.

2. You make this soap yourself? Really?

Yes! I am a one woman show. I make the soap, I order the ingredients, I label it, I bring it to market to sell it to you, I designed the website. My husband, Glen, does help me with large orders and makes a few deliveries for me. He also is great support.

3. How do you make soap? How did you learn?

Well, it is a long process to explain. I have explained it here ~ HOW OUR SOAP IS MADE ~ on my website. I am working on a photo book to bring to market and fairs, so you can see the process underway. I am self taught. I learned to make soap by trial and error. I took out books from the library, searched the Internet and joined a few Yahoo soap groups. I even sent my first bar of soap to a gal out in MN. to ask her if this is what it should be like, as I didn't know any soap makers in my area. She exclaimed that if this is my first attempt at soap, I am going to be darn good. She loved that first bar of soap. I am happy to say that I have been making soap now for 5 years and bringing it to you for 3. I love the customer feedback, the comments, the expression on your faces when you come back and tell me that you can not use commercial soap ever again, you love my soap and there is nothing like it. Thank you!!!

4. Lye? Isn't that dangerous?!

All soap is made with lye. If it is not listed on the soap label, that is because it actually "disappears" during the soap making process and no lye remains in the bar of soap. You can NOT have soap with out lye. It turns oils, which are greasy, into the soap that now cleans and moisturizes you. I take caution when using lye. I wear goggles and a face mask when mixing the lye with water and when stirring it into my oils. The soap is safe by the time I bring it to you. In fact it is safe to use within 24 hours of production.

5. Is this your full time job?

Yes, it is.  It's all soap, all the time.   And it's just me.  From making batch after batch of soap per day to llabeling soap for stores and markets, blogging, updating the website, coming up with new products for you, selling and more.  My husband helps out often with deliveries, packaging and the business end of things.

6. Did you make your own website?

Yes I did. However, I recently switched website hosts and am working with a very talented web and graphic designer that I found on Esty.   I like that I am able to control the content on the site and have immediate results. I can also control inventory of my soaps. I hope that you find it easy to navigate. Please, I welcome your feedback.  

7. How can you blog so often?

I usually blog in spurts. I often create posts a few days ahead and save them to publish later. I blog right away when I have an idea. I will start a post and leave it to finish later. If I do not write it down or start a post right away, I often forget! I do blog everyday, but sometimes the posts are small. I want to keep you up to date and offer fresh information, so I try to get something new out there as often as possible.  I bring my camera with me to many markets, fairs and just things I like to do.  I take a picture and it often sparks an interest to share it with you on my blog.

8. If I see you at the Farmers Market, Craft Fair or in the Post Office, should I say hello?

Yes, Please do. I love meeting the people who read this blog!

9. If I email you will you write back?

Yes, send along an email!

10. Can you make favors for my wedding/party/company holiday gift?

Yes! I am happy to work with you on soap fragrance selection, special soap labels and more.

11. What's your favorite soap?

Well, that is tough. That is like choosing a favorite child! I love all the soaps! But I do favor a few...I love Mermaids Garden, Sea Shore Scrub, Star Anise, Pink Grapefruit, Christmas In Maine, okay, one more....Peppermint Oatmeal.

Hope that answers a few questions for you. And please, do send along anymore questions you have. I love hearing from you.