Thursday, April 30, 2009


Love this new blog I found....

From her site: "Designer and crafty artist, Julia, is the one woman behind OneWomanStudio. I am also a compulsive re-user and upcycler. I let the materials I gather dictate what I create from them, and am always looking at design and fashion with an eye towards "Yeah, this is really great, but how can I reinvent it using unconventional materials and a little sense of humor".

In her latest post, she suggest B.Y.O.B., everywhere! But not the B.Y.O.B. that you are familiar with, Bring Your Own Bag! Something that I do when going to the grocery store, but I never thought of bringing a bag into the Drug Store or say TJ Maxx. My reusable totes are right in my car, there for me to use at any time. I will start bringing them to smaller stores, beyond just the grocery store. I love seeing customers at the Farmers Market carrying their little tote or basket around, why shouldn't I try to do it when I go to pick up my shampoo at Rite Aid? Yayyy for B.Y.O.B.!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Banner

I ordered a new banner for my market booth the other day. I wanted something that would be visible from a distance and it should be, it is 6' wide. It will hang across the back of the tent, behind me and my tables.

At the same time, I am creating a sort-of new look for my soap. I am trying to lean towards "lighter" but keep the Casco Bay/oceany feel in there. I opted for a banner that has a white background with some green grasses trailing across it. I am imagining that the green grass is beach grass, hence still a Casco Bay/oceany feel. I have ordered some new business cards to match and will have some beach grass on my table too. I am looking forward to receiving the banner in the mail soon and trying out my new "look".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farmers Market Schedule

Here it is, the schedule for the 2009 season! Hope to see you there....

Four Convenient Locations:

Wednesdays 12:00-4:00
Opening Day May 6
Route 1 in Falmouth in the Wal-mart parking lot, near the movie theater.

Thursdays 2:30-6:00
Opening Day June 25
326 Main Street in the parking lot of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Fridays 2:00-6:00
Opening Day May 22
Main Street, Town Hall Offices

Saturdays 8:30-12:00
Opening Day May 9
9 Tuttle Road, Town Hall Offices

Special Market !
Thursday June 18, July 16 , August 20
Shaker Road

Cumberland Farmers Market website:

Fiddlehead Ferns At Market

Fiddlehead Ferns will be available for sale at the opening day of the Falmouth Farmers Market Wednesday May 6.

Not familiar with Fiddleheads? They are a seasonal wild harvested green in the Northeast. The actual top of a fern, before it uncurls. Steamed and served up with butter, or added with cheese to pasta...all sort of neat ways to eat this unusual veggie. Fiddleheads are versatile and easy to use. They have a mild taste reminiscent of Asparagus with an added nutty bite all their own. They are excellent marinated in vinegar and oil or as a crunchy pickle. As a featured vegetable they will please the most demanding palate. Fiddleheads can be used in similar ways to any firm green vegetable such as Asparagus or Broccoli florets. Fiddleheads will lend their delicious flavor and elegant visual appeal to many familiar dishes. Use them as a perfect featured vegetable in a simple stir-fry. A good source of vitamin A & C.

I found this neat blog, Fat Of The Land. The blogger posted a bit about Fiddleheads and some recipes with nice pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My 103 Twitter Followers

My Twitter Followers! Isn't this mosaic cool?! Oh yeah, that is Richard Simmons in there near the bottom, he is one of the very few celebrities that follow you back. Thanks Richard!

Get your twitter mosaic here.