Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Winslow Homer & Portland Museum of Art, SOAP!

I wanted to share with you some photos from the fantastic project I have been working on with the Portland Museum of Art for their summer Winslow Homer exhibit!

I was asked to create 3 soaps that would reflect Winslow Homers painting, Weatherbeaten.  

My Maine Pine (Fir Needle essential oils and mossy green swirl), Sea Shore Scrub (fresh clean scent with fine ground apricot kernel for scrubbing power) and Earth (smells like fresh turned dirt and swirled with a light brown color) were chosen!  The soaps were renamed for the exhibit: 

 My Maine Pine became "Sunlight & Shadow", Sea Shore Scrub became " Shore & Surf" and my Earth because "Diftwood".  All perfect names for the exhibit!  I love the creativity!!

I stamped the front of each soap with a specially  made Winslow Homer / Portland Museum of Arts stamp!

Here are the soaps labeled!  Don't they look great!??

AND I am included on the label, as a story on the back and a label on the side!  Wow!!

I was thrilled to work with Might & Main - "Brandsmithery".  A graphic design, web design and marketing consulting company in Portland that was handling all the marketing for the museum for this project.  Find them on Facebook here:

I will be sure to head over to the Portland Museum of Art store and take some more photos to share with you!  I think I should put together some sort of photo album or something to show customers at market, any ideas?