Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Portland Pirates!

So remember I posted about Twitter a few posts back? Well I now have 100 followers! Maybe a Twitter party is in order.

One of the Twitter-ers that I follow lives in Portland and offered FREE tickets to the last game of the Portland Pirates hockey season. How cool is it that he had sent out a Tweet and I responded at just the right time. This last game of the season is also the game to put the Pirates into the playoffs.

Captain (that's my husband) just loves hockey. He played in High School and is a crazy Bruins Fan. We lived on about 3 acres back in Connecticut and had a small pond. During the winter months Captain would skate as often as he could. I didn't skate as much as him, I wasn't as good and hated falling on ice (it really hurts). When we were out there together, he would skate circles around me and swoop up behind me, skate up on me really fast and then do this sideways ice stop thing and a bunch of shaved ice would whoosh up on me. Captain would always skate with a hockey stick. He says he really never skated with out one! Maybe that is why he didn't fall, at all. The stick offered balance.

So we headed out to the game on Friday night, free Twitter tickets in hand. We had a great time and The Portland Pirates won and are off to the playoffs. Thanks to Rich Brooks from for the tickets, we had a great time.

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