Thursday, April 30, 2009


Love this new blog I found....

From her site: "Designer and crafty artist, Julia, is the one woman behind OneWomanStudio. I am also a compulsive re-user and upcycler. I let the materials I gather dictate what I create from them, and am always looking at design and fashion with an eye towards "Yeah, this is really great, but how can I reinvent it using unconventional materials and a little sense of humor".

In her latest post, she suggest B.Y.O.B., everywhere! But not the B.Y.O.B. that you are familiar with, Bring Your Own Bag! Something that I do when going to the grocery store, but I never thought of bringing a bag into the Drug Store or say TJ Maxx. My reusable totes are right in my car, there for me to use at any time. I will start bringing them to smaller stores, beyond just the grocery store. I love seeing customers at the Farmers Market carrying their little tote or basket around, why shouldn't I try to do it when I go to pick up my shampoo at Rite Aid? Yayyy for B.Y.O.B.!

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