Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And The Fire Is So Delightful...

Often, labeling bars of soap can take hours.  I make sure that I make myself comfy in front of the wood stove and enjoy a toasty wood fire.    Maybe a cup of Chai Tea too.

See that grey blur on top of the stove?  We have a heat powered "eco" fan to help distribute and circulate warm air through out the house.  It is not plugged in, and uses no electricity at all.  It simply generates power off the heat of the wood stove to uniformly circulate air.  It's super quiet and automatically adjusts its speed to the stove's temperature. Super fast when it's really hot (like you see above) or really slow when it's cooling down.  And it gradually shuts down as stove burns down.

This isn't the exact model that we bought, but very similar:

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