Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Opening Day

I had a great opening day in Falmouth on Wednesday. Two of my friends stopped by, I chatted with my fellow vendors and brought in some new customers. Of course, I forgot to bring about 5 things, but that is to be expected on opening day. I will be sure to pack up those items for the Saturday market in Cumberland.

My specialty soaps were a hit. Everyone loved to smell the "Hop To It" soap and asked me all sort of questions about how I made soap with BEER. Mechanics scrub was popular too. I had a great conversation with a super nice couple about the advantages of homemade soap. They each bought a bar for themselves. The old favorites such as Lavender, was again the most popular. And my friend Deede was sure to buy a new fragrance she hadn't tried before, she's so adventurous.

Looking forward to Saturday in Cumberland. I will try to take some photos and post them for you to view. Thanks everyone for your support.

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