Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Ready For Market

Lots to do. Getting ready for the first market of the season. After all the preparation this winter, I still have a lot to do. While I do have over 1,000 bars of soap in stock, I still need to label many, many of them. But this is an ongoing project, it is something that I am always doing throughout the season.

I spent some time today going through my market essentials. I will need to fit all this stuff in my car. The tent, two 5 gallon buckets with cement in them to hold down the tent in the wind, rope, 3 tables, 3 tablecloths and overlays for the 3 tables, a chair to sit in, display buckets and baskets for the soap, fragrance signs for the soaps, price signs for the soap, information signs for the soap, props such as old fashion wooden boxes, seashells, some pretty sea grass in a vase, my apron and of course the cash box filled with plenty of change. and the biggest item I need to bring, SOAP! I also try to bring a bag of emergency type tools and things such as tape and a hammer - just in case. I find a spot somewhere in the car to tuck in a bag of "things to do". An easy knitting project, magazines, notepaper, in case I have some down time. I am also a low pressure salesperson. I like the customers to shop and look at the soaps without the pressure of me staring at them or asking them questions. I generally sit in my chair with my knitting and if someone has a question they ask me. I am paying attention to them, just not right up at the table in their space.

I will fit all this in my car, right? Yes. I have fit it all before, the only difference is this year I am bringing even more soap, and I think that it will all fit. I'll let you know how it goes.

Falmouth on Wednesday, 12-4. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you are all ready! I hope all goes great!!!!

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Thanks! I really appreciate your support. Hope to see you all there....