Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Few Of My Market Friends...

I took a few action shots at the market this past weekend. Here are just a few of the many vendors at the market...
This is Mo. She makes these beautiful bird cookies, that are, well, cookies for birds! See those pretty sunflowers hanging over her shoulder? Those are made out of birdseed! She also makes smaller bird cookies (which she is packaging up for this customer) into the shapes of hearts with beautiful flowers pressed into the cookies.
Rick and Christine of Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants sell spices, herbs and fancy smancy blends for any and all of your cooking and baking needs. I have counted and in my cabinets as of today, I have 18 of their spices/herbs/blends (they're really really good)!
Sarah of Spring Day Creamery makes her own cheese! It is soo good and creamy.
Jinger makes and sells vintage style aprons under the cute name Yo' Mamma's Apron Strings. Her daughter Zoe creates some beautiful jewelry that is also for sale.
Angela of The Craftin' Scot does all sorts of hand knitting and sewn items. Find things like knit washcloths, bandannas for dogs (see on the little Scottie dog in the foreground), hats, scarves, and the most beautiful sweaters.