Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dining Out In Portland

Captain and I went out to eat the other night in Portland with some friends from out of town. They choose Street & Co. Wonderful, delicious food in a casual, cool atmosphere. Being the foodie that I am, of course I am going to try to create these dishes at home. Captain and I started with Braised Mushrooms and Gruyere. For a main dish I choose Scallops in Pernod (Anise flavored liquor, which adds just a touch of flavor) and cream, served with Grano* and sauteed broccoli. Captain choose Clams with white sauce (super light, nice and garlicky, great sauce/broth for sopping up with bread). We split the flour less chocolate cake served up warm in a ramekin with fresh whipped cream. All of it was out of this world good. Scallops cooked perfectly and the Pernod and cream sauce, so different and delicious! I loved the Grano. We did have to call over the waiter and ask what it was, as all of us had never seen/eaten this grain before. I mixed mine with my Pernod and cream sauce for a yummy combination.

Portland has some fantastic restaurants, if you get the chance, have a meal at one or two of them.

* Grano ~ Grano, which means "grain" in Italian, is made from specially selected durum wheat. Renowned for its al dente ("to the tooth" in Italian) texture when prepared, Grano has a firm, yet chewy consistency. It tastes like pasta but is more nutritious because in the minimal processing, only a small amount of the outer bran is removed. It is high in fiber, protein and minerals for this same reason.

More Grano info. here:

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