Friday, March 26, 2010

Casco Bay Soap @ Freeport Historic Society Auction

I donated my soap (sort-of, read more...) to be part of the Freeport Historic Society Spring Auction.

I just love history. And I love the Historic Society. My husband and I are members and we enjoy an event or two each year. This past October, we went on a super cool haunted tour of Freeport. Complete with 2 tour guides, 1 in a flowing white costume (very ghosts of Christmas past, with flowing gauzy fabric and a pale white face) and a lantern in hand. The other tour guide was a local medium! Sent with us to contact any spirits in the old Freeport buildings. Another event we attended was Maritime music. Old style sea shanty were sung by men with big bushy beards. What fun!

I was contacted by the Historic Society to see if I would like to donate soap to their auction. After discussing with my contact the ups and downs, ins and outs of soap, we decided on something very different, that I think is very very cool.

The auction items your own soap bar! The winner would work with me to design their own soap bar. I would give them a list of fragrances, stir in's like oatmeal, poppy seeds, seaweed and they create their own signature, personal bar of soap! But they don't get just one bar, the will received 14 bars, a full 1/2 batch of soap. This signature batch of theirs will easily last them a full year. They could give it away to friends or keep it all to themselves.

This idea was such a hit and well received, I am considering offering it as an option to you! Would you like to create your own soap?

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