Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soap Growing Pains....

More soaps on the way! I have some on the shelves curing and I am frantically making more just for you to use as stocking stuffers, gfits for your family members, co-workers, hair dresser, mail carrier, secret Santa, teacher or to treat yourself this Holiday season.

I had a very very successful craft show at North Yarmouth Acadamy on Saturday December 5th and was just about wiped out of soap. I had to place an emergency call to "The Captain" (my husband) at 11:00 to bring me more soap. I didn't even have any soaps labeled at home for him to bring, so he had to bring along printed labels, tape, scissors and more so I could label soaps in between customers. He was even given special double parking privileges as he entered the parking lot and explained to the attendant that he was delivering an emergency supply of soap to his wife. I was thrilled and overwhelmed that this was happening to me, and didn't want to disappoint my customers. I started out with 28 variety's of soap to choose from, by the end of the craft fair, the last customers had only about 12 fragrances left to sniff. I had to turn away a few friends that wanted to buy soap. They saw what was happening and volunteered to not buy soap at the craft fair so I would have enough for the customers. In turn I had to promise that I would met up with them sometime in the next week so they could do their shopping.

I have a few wholesale orders to fill and have been sending out mail order packages as well. It has been a busy start to the Holiday season!

If you are local, you can still find me at Ft. Andross on Maine St. Brunswick on Saturday mornings from 9-12:30.

Ordering online? Please understand that I may be very low or out of your favorite fragrance. I underestimated the surge of soap purchases this season. A growing pain, for sure. But a welcome one.

Thank you all for your support!

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