Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peppermint Oatmeal Soap

Stirring up some more yummy Peppermint Oatmeal soap. This time it is specifically for The James Place Inn B&B. Did you know that I made guest size soaps? The James Place Inn is my biggest customer for these cute guest bars of soap that are 1/4 of the size of a regular bar (or the standard size you find in a hotel). What works out great is that the guest at the B&B have the chance to try the soap and then can purchase more online when they go home. Often, if they are in town at the right time, they can catch me at one of the Farmers Markets.

The Peppermint Oatmeal combination was the creation of The James Place Inn and has become very popular among my customers. I sell it in full size bars at Farmers Markets and on line ~( PEPPERMINT OATMEAL )~ Here's the Peppermint Oatmeal soap information from my website page:

"A creamy white bar, we have made our own blend of Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils and added real oats for exfoliation. A refreshing "wake up" for the mornings".

And a quote from a very happy customer!

"Hello there, we were fortunate to use your Peppermint Oat soap while staying at the wonderful James Place Inn, in Freeport, ME....we think your soap is truly the best we have ever used! Garry, NJ

Super popular around the Holidays, Peppermint Oatmeal also is a great wake me up or cool me down soap. I'm thinking of making something similar with a swirl of red and call it Peppermint Stick for the holidays.

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