Friday, October 30, 2009

Candy Memories...

You may or may not know this about me. You may or may not care, but I love M&M's. I have very fond memories of them.

I used to go to my friend Julie's house for a Halloween party each year and her family would pull out all the stops. Scary movie on the TV, hot pizza would be delivered, Julie's older brother, Scott and her dad would put together a spooky haunted house for us in the basement. We would have a sleep over and her dad would go outside and scratch on the side of the house and hold up a Jack-o-lantern at the window. Her mom would put out bowls and bowls of candy. And there was this enormous, huge bowl of M&M's that was my absolute favorite. I could just eat handfuls of the them if I wanted! Crunchy shells full of smooth chocolate, what more could a pre-teen want? Later on I moved on to the peanut M&M, but still today, I will eat either type, but only if you forced me. (yeah, right!) But that is not the only memory. My mom and I decorated my sister's 7th birthday cake back in 1980 with M&M's. I remember helping her place all the M&M's perfectly on the white frosting. I guess this is a feel good candy for me.

I was in Florida recent, specifically Orlando at The Magic Kingdom. I was in a candy shop looking at an oversize rice crispy treat in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, and I stumbled upon this fantastic wall of M&M's! Every color you could ever want was there! Several shades of blue, pink, purples and more! THIS was the perfect decoration for my adorable niece Olivia's 7th birthday cake! She just loves purple and pink and now her 7th birthday cake will be decorated with M&M's by me, just like I decorated her mom's, my sisters, cake years ago!

Isn't it funny how the smallest thing (a bitsy M&M for example) can take you on a trip down memory lane?

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