Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh The Rain!

Oh the rain!!! It is seriously effecting my Farmers Market sales! I simply can not attend a market when it is raining out, the soap gets wet and "melts" the labels get wet and smudge.

I did attend the market yesterday with a mist hanging in the atmosphere and chanced it. I have some screen sides for my tent and it did help hold off some of the moisture. But, near the end of the market the mist got heavier and the sea breeze picked up. I could see the mist blowing across the market. One sweet little girl was smelling my soaps and simply said to me, "this soap is wet". Uh oh. It was mostly damp on the ends of the bars, as I think the labels "protected" the rest. I had a small towel and dried the soaps off best i could. Today is not any better, it is drizzly.

You may wonder, how many customers attend a market in the rain? Well, I had a very decent day of soap sales yesterday, better than a sunny Saturday market I did 2 Saturdays ago. You just never know. I think that all this rain has people suffering from a large case of Cabin Fever and they just HAVE to get out.

On a misty day, it really is no big deal to do some outdoor activities. If you are out in the mist for a long time, you will collect enough moisture on yourself and your clothing that eventually you feel very wet, but a quick trip in and out of it is no big deal. This is what was happening yesterday. People would jump out of there cars and stroll around the market for about 20 minutes and then hop back in and off to the next activity. But when it is drizzling, (or pouring out!) customer attendance is down at the markets, for sure.

Come on sunshine!

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