Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blueberry Soap

Ahhh, the Blueberry. I am simply in love with any berry. I think that they are like candy. I can eat them by the handful, stirred into batter to make muffins and cakes, turned into jam, added to ice cream...should I go on!?

I stirred up a kettle of my Blueberry Cream soap last night. And while I am a "high communicator" (a.k.a. ~ talks a lot), I didn't tell Captain what I was stirring up in the soap kettle this particular time. After stirring in the fragrance oil and adding some light blue swirls, Captain asks "Are you making Blueberry soap"? "It smells like when you make those muffins".

My sweet and creamy Blueberry Cream soap sells fast, mostly to customers from out of state wanting to bring home a bit of Maine with them. I also sell a lot during the Blueberry season itself, which is right around the corner. Look for my Blueberry Cream soap in a few short weeks!

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