Saturday, March 14, 2009

Soap Stacks

Everytime I make a batch of soap I cut it into the perfect (well, almost perfect...I'm not a machine after all) little rectangles that I bring to you. I end up with slices of less-than-perfect-looking-but-just-as-good-smelling, soap leftover from the ends. I had collected quite a few of these perfectly good but smallish ends (I had 80 to be precise). What should I do with them?

So I made these cute soap stacks out of 4 different types of soap ends. Many are just about the size of a 1/2 of a bar, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. The idea is that now you can try 4 different soaps, for the price of 1. Often customers are interested in more than one type of soap, and just can't decide on which one to take home. I have included a handy little "guide" of sorts to identify each type of soap slice in the stack. All tied up with natural twine. (Unfortunately, I can not offer customer special selections in the stacks).

Selling for only $4.00 and available on the website here : SOAP STACKS

Look for them at the Farmers Markets this spring.


Anonymous said...

oh! what a great idea. I would love to try the ends, I'll look for you at market this summer

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Anonymous said...

Neat idea, I'll look for them at market. thanks!