Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready For A New Season

That's me above selling at market last year.
About half way through the season I added a second table for more soap.

I met last night with the other officers of our Farmers market group (I am Vice President). We have a ton of new ideas for the Market this year. We also have a great and very enthusiastic Market Manager (Leslie, that's you!) and she will be promoting all sort of special events for our markets. We will have events just for children, talks and education from local organizations, chefs at market, celebrate the carrot (or tomato or pea) day, musicians and more.

Our market membership doubled this year from 14 to 28! I am personally very excited to start sampling some of the new vendors goods. Fresh cheese, baked breads, organic spices, sweets and some great quality crafts like retro style aprons and beautiful jewelry. It's going to be a great market year.

In anticipation of the busy season, I have been making 2 batches of soap per day. That is about 60 bars of soap per day. I do have an inventory list that I keep, so I have some organization to the whole sh-bang. I have a whopping 875 bars of soap in stock right now! You would think that would be enough, but last year I sold twice that amount of soap and only participated in 2 markets. I will be participating in a minimum of 4 markets, maybe more. Hope to see you there!


sproutsandsweetpeas said...

Where can I find a listing of the events & or markets you are participating in? Will you be posting them on the 'Bay blog? Is there an online or email newsletter I can get? I am especially interested in the special events, & sounds like a great way to find all the local vendors! (buy locally and all that!!)

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

thanks for all the interest. I will post the new season days/hours soon. There is also a blog (which I run) for the Farmers Market, and I will link to that too. We will post all sort of upcoming events. The Cumberland Farmers Market Association has a website too, with all sort of info. with the increase of vendors, we had to update it, so it's not quite ready yet. I do not have newsletter, yet. But in the meantime, check back her for updates on Casco Bay Soap Co. happenings. I posted 25 of 31 days last month, so the blog is very active. Thanks for all your interest. I appreciate it!