Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Snow...Soap

A few blogs back, I mentioned that I had a special project idea for all that extra snow that was falling from the sky.

I'm lucky enough to live in a very quiet country area of my little town. During a snow storm, when I look out my back porch to the horse farm next door, the fields are just perfect white blankets of fluffy white snow. If the horses are out, they make hoof prints in the fresh snow and puffs of breath come from their long velvet-like noses. I think it is very picturesque. Standing out in the cold looking at this scene, you hear the snow gently landing all around while other sounds are muffled.

I gathered this pure snow during one of these moments. Pure melted snow went into my 100% veggie blend soap to create this limited edition soap. The lovely fragrance is crisp and slightly fruity with subtle notes of spruce, pine and cedar with a little bit of vanilla musk. It is like a brisk walk after the snow has fallen. A fresh and clean fragrance.

Only available for a limited time, as it is made with fresh fallen snow, and the season is soon coming to an end...

Available for sale... FRESH SNOW


Anonymous said...

Snow soap...why not! Seems like you have plenty of it around. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh! can't wait to smell it.