Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wolfe Neck Farm Art Festival

I had a great time and sold a good amount of soap at the Wolfe Neck Farm Arts Festival.  This was my first year selling at the festival and I do think that I will go back next year.  

(On the way to Wolfe Neck Farm Art Festival.  These are Belted Galloway Cows).

It is a family event, with lots for kids to do.  Little craft projects in one barn, animals to visit in another, ice cream and burgers for sale (Wolfe Neck Farm raises their own beef and sells it locally).  Roaming musicians and singers. 

(Arts & Crafts in the barn).

Vendors include everything from a couple selling bonsai trees next to me, to Jack the pickle guy on my left, potters, jewelers, fiber artists, painters, glass artist and much more.

(The festival, just getting started).

The farm stretches right to the ocean, it is simply beautiful there.  The day was going to be hot. The day before I had at the farmers market in Freeport and was soo hot.  It was hot again on Saturday.  But being on the ocean we did have a nice little breeze.  However, the wind picked up around 12:30 and really started blowing.  I was a little nervous about my tent blowing over.  I do have 2 very very heavy buckets filled with cement that were holding down the corners of my tent, but I was still nervous.   Then, a crash.  A potter lost a shelf of pottery, blown over from the wind. Then I looked down at the first tent, closest to the ocean.  This vendor was holding on for dear life!  Soo windy!  I had a friend stop by and she asked me how I was doing,  I simply replied, "I want to take my tent down".  She was kind enough to help me get that tent right out of the way before anything could happen.  The catch?  It was now only 1:00 and the sun was high overhead.  Thankfully I packed my SPF 30 and slathered it on.  I only got a smidge burned. 

I will be back next year!

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