Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've Been Busy...

I'm back.  It was a busy several days with the Wolfe Neck Farm Arts Festival on Saturday, Fathers' Day on Sunday, and a couple of long work and travel days on Monday and Tuesday.  But here I am! 

Thought I would share with you 2 little birdies that recently hatched. Their "parents" worked really hard to build a next on a speaker mounted high on our back porch.  After knocking it down 7 times and trying all sorts of things (hanging a shiny CD, playing loud music out of the speaker and putting a toy truck with "eyes" up there) we couldn't discourage them from building.  Finally we blocked the whole area off.  This was something we were trying hard to do because we have a cat that is a great hunter that hangs out on the back porch.

But they moved out front. Built a great little nest on top of one of the window shutters.  We used a mirror a few weeks back and saw 3 little white eggs.  Now, my hubby stretched his long arms up to the nest with the camera and got this shot of 2 little birdies that don't even have their eyes open yet! 

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