Thursday, June 3, 2010

My New "Earth" Soap

Spotlight on my new Earth soap.  I made a small batch of this wonderful new soap and finally brought it to market last Friday.  It was so well received that I purchased more fragrance oils and will soon be making a much larger batch.

Earth smells like, well, clean dirt.  Like fresh turned farm dirt. Could your children ever complain about taking a bath with dirt soap?  Different isn't it?  You would be surprised how many people are smiling when they smell it and are happy to purchase it for a gardeners friend, a brother who works in construction or a tree hugger friend.  One little girl smelled all the soaps I had to offer (28 different fragrances that day) and her mom said she could buy just one.  She choose the Earth soap!  She even thanked me for making "the Earthy soap" when she was leaving (she was very well mannered).  She just loved it! 

I colored this soap with a reddish brown swirl made from cocoa powder.  Real cocoa powder, straight from the baking cabinet.  Enjoy!

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