Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wealdon Farm Freeport

Wealdon Farm, Freeport. Open for business!

Step right into the farm store.  Love the terracotta planters with geranium by the door.  Look inside and see crates stacked high with local veggies right in the center.

Right outside the door of the farm store are tables of seedlings.  Veggies, herbs, flowers.  See the cute hand painted signs?  Love them!

I dropped off some soaps at Wealdon Farm on Pleasant Hill Road in Freeport just the other day.   It is the cutest Farm Store.  Just love the funky hand made signs, great array of local produce and fine crafts and of course I really like the store owner, Martha.  She also has a wonderful farm hand working with her this summer, Colleen.  They both are soo outgoing and nice.  Martha though, she has inspired me.  I told her that she has inspired me, but she doesn't know how much.  I told her that she inspired me to break out my fun blue striped summer scarf and tie it around my neck to jazz up my plain white tee.  I didn't tell her that I am extra inspired by all the hard work she has put into this farm stand and making it soo super cool. I just met her and I don't want her to think I'm a nut.   I am inspired to perhaps have a little shed/stand of my own and sell soap seasonally here at my house.  Maybe I can get a little garden shed and open it for weekends near the holidays so you all can come and shop for soap.  Maybe have a "Christmas In July" sale too.  Maybe I can grow the lavender that I just planted into big bunches and offer that for sale too.  Maybe I can sell firewood to the campers that drive by.  Maybe I can.......thanks Martha, thank you for inspiring me! 

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