Friday, March 27, 2009

Twitter Excitment!

Okay, so remember a few post past I told you about Twitter? The third hottest social networking site online? If you missed it the post, you can find it in the archives.

You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the Follow Me On Twitter button on the top left of the page (but you do have to sign up).

I "Tweet" several times a day, about which type of soap I am making, the weather here in Maine, updates on the blog, and such. I also follow a few celebrity Twitters. I follow Martha Stewart, Ellen and I follow Ashton Kutcher. Well, Ashton is making a movie in Monaco and sends out Tweet updates about stuff happening on the set, photos and even videos links. He made a comment about a scene he was preparing for and one of his over 500,000 followers made a Tom Selleck reference. I just love Tom Selleck, he is one of my favorite actors. I just had to respond. I Tweeted, more for my own benefit and my 50+ followers would be the only ones that really will see it anyway. HOWEVER, because I responded to something that Ashton Kutcher had originally Twittered, it did go back to him. And he choose to respond to ME! So now I have 12 more followers in like 1 hour, people must think I am his friend and want to know me.

The cool thing about Twitter is that your message goes out to a "Tweet Deck". With Twitters estimated 4-5 million users, every time I say "working on the's the link" or "Pink Grapefruit soap is ready, available here" (and include a link to my web page) there is a potential for 4-5 million Casco Bay Soap customers. You never know...who, when or's hoping that Martha Stewart sees me someday soon.

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