Monday, March 9, 2009

Honey Soap

If you remember a few blogs back, I purchased a 3 lb. jar of golden honey from my local friendly farmer at the Winter Farmers Market in Brunswick.

I have been wanted to cook up a batch of lovely Honey Soap, and I did. I made it last Thursday and un-molded it on Friday. I left it unscented so that the slightly sweet and a bit nutty fragrance would shine in the soap. Honey adds a bit of lathering capability, and acts as a humectant (attracting moisture and helps in retaining moisture).

I had to take extra precautions when making this soap, as the natural sugars in the honey will react with the other ingredients while making the soap. Making soap is not to be taken lightly. I follow an exact recipe and weigh out all the ingredients and use protective gear. And of course, the soap came out fantastic!

The soap is a beautiful golden color and smells so nice. No stickiness from honey will be in your bar of soap, as it was dissolved into the oils when stirring up the kettle. It will be ready for sale in about 3 can check it out on my website HERE

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Anonymous said...

too cool. I love honey and the fact that you are supporting local farmers, even better!