Thursday, July 15, 2010

Setting Up For The Clam Festival

  I had the opportunity to set up the tent, tables, banners etc. today (Thursday) and I figured it's going to be alot easier to do it now rather than at 7:00 in the morning along with the 119 other vendors.  My dad just happened to be in the area today so I asked him to give me a hand setting up my tent. Oh, I'm sure there will be other vendors today too and I will snap a couple of pre-festival pictures to share with you.  I won't put out my soap until Friday.  My husband (Captain) will help me with that.  Then a long day of selling lots of soap. 

Craft Show Hours:

Friday 10:00-9:00

Saturday 10:00-9:00

Sunday 10:00-5:00

In the meanwhile, here is a quick picture "behind the scenes"  at Casco Bay Soap Co. of the soap labeling.  I am almost done, only about 100 left to label! 

Each soap is labeled, one by one.  I still print the labels on my home compturer/printer.   I did have the forsight to pre-run a ton of lables so I wouldn't be running of hundreds and hundreds of labels in just a few short days.  I also normally have a generic label and hand write the fragrace of the soap on the label.  This time I added the fragrances and some description to the front of the label and printed it off.  This saved ALOT of time, no handwriting needed!


Anne-Marie said...

Thank goodness for computers =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Good Luck at the Clam Festival. I know you'll be a hit and sell lots of wonderful soaps!!!

T.A. Helton said...
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T.A. Helton said...

I bet you love it when you're printer says "low on ink". UGH I know I do ;-) It's always at the most inopportune time.