Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying The Snow

Here I am, in the red jacket, with my friend Haila.

I took a break from soap making and website building today to go for a nice long snow shoe walk with some friends. We opted for nearby Wolfe Neck State Park, a beautiful park that has trials that run along the ocean side. You can walk down on the rocks and have a picnic if you are so inclined. We just received about 18" of fresh powder snow and wanted to take advantage of the "calm after the storm" beaut' of a day we were having. If you are in Freeport, be sure to check out Wolfe Neck.


Monica said...

And we were there, too! Good to see you Shannon!

sproutsandsweetpeas said...

I looks beautiful. And there is nothing like the grey georgeousness of the ocean in the winter! Sounds like it was realy nice!