Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brunswick Winter Market Pictures

Here are some photos from the Brunswick Winter Market. I apologize for the yellow-ish quality. Note fluorescent lighting on the ceiling. I also started taking pictures with the flash, but was drawing too much attention to myself and a few vendors were ducking and hiding. I turned off the flash and this is what I got.

I wasn't able to attend the market last week, which was opening day, as I was double booked and had a craft fair scheduled. So this was my first week. I had a good day and some of my regulars found me here. I imagine it will take about 4 weeks for all those new customers to see me among the 49 other vendors, and get used to seeing a soap maker at the market. This group of vendors sell during the summer at Crystal Springs Market and it is a whole new group of loyal Crystal Spring customers that need to see/smell/hear all abut my soaps.
A few booths down, these gals were selling handmade cheeses. They also had a cheese they called "frying cheese" and they fried it up in a little pan for customers to try. It smelled great! Imagine, creamy, fresh cheese and NOW it is fried! That couldn't have many calories, could it?!
This is peeking through the booth directly behind me. A flute player, a fiddler and a guitar. They played great foot stomping Celtic type music. They play for tips and what is cute about the market, is sometimes musician like this end up with not just dollar bills, but bags of fresh lettuce, carrots, a jar of jam, bar of donations from vendors too.

Beautiful wood bowls and other little items, made from reclaimed wood.

Across the way a bit, these beautiful sweaters created with the colorful hand dyed yarns. Behind that woman on the left, in the blue, is baskets of beautiful colored yarns. And check out their display for the knit sweaters... they are hanging in the back right of the photo with dowels through the sleeves to show the maximum sweater.

Looking down the aisle from my table. This is a big old mill on the river here in Brunswick. A lot of the spaces have been converted into large rooms like this. Large windows overlook the river, there are original wood floors and lots of charm.

Around the corner, fresh seasonal produce.
Love that the tables are covered in burlap. So earthy!
Directly across from me....local roasted coffee beans sold by the pound and they will even grind the beans for you, if you wish. They also sell cups of coffee, little cookies and few other baked goods. It smells fantastic!

Maybe I will see YOU there??

Brunswick Winter Market
Saturday 9-12:30
Ft. Andross Maine St. Brunwsick


Anonymous said...

Yes you will sometime soon! xo, jeanette

sproutsadsweetpeas said...

What a wonderful set up, so many vendors to choose from. Do you have a favorite yet? Please be sure to post a picture of your booth too. D you make any visual or even scent changes to your soaps or display for a Winter market VS a Summer market? I love the idea of the musicians mixed with the "expected” Farmer’s market vendors.