Friday, May 6, 2011

Kidnapped By Life...

I've been busy.  My life has kidnapped me and I had several days (weeks really) where I had to take time to work on "life" stuff and push my businesss/house/fun/husband stuff aside.  I have been working a little bit on some soap making, soap studio improvements, blogging, farmers market meetings, farmers market selling and much more as best I can. 

I finally decided that I need to find some time to work on that list I have of things I want to do but have been putting off.  One of those things was to find some time to get outside each day and enjoy!  I found a new favorite space to walk and reflect.  Here are some pictures I snapped today.

Oh, there are more items on that list.  Much, much more.  I will be sure to work on it and share some of it here with you.  Do you have a list?   What is stopping you from chipping away at those items?  I say, get started, now! Ready?  Go!

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