Monday, April 18, 2011

New Website Product Pictures

Have you seen the website lately?  I have all new pictures for my products.  Here are a few....

The 4 Pack.  Available as "The Casco Bay Collection".
(But I could put in any 4 soaps that you would like, just ask me).

Laundry Detergent.  Available in Unscented, Lemon or Lavender.

Sea Shell Soaps.  Available as a Sea Shell or Sea Urchin.

Organza Bags.  You can dress up your soap purchase with a organza bag, available in many colors.

And there are several more.  All taken on this beautifully blue coastal chart background which goes great with my new seashore/coastal labels.  Up next, a new website banner to tie it all together!

1 comment:

The Soap Sister said...

Just Lovely! Your whole "theme" is coming together! I love your originality and "outside-the-bos" thinking! I'm so excited for you -the look is lovely and very appealing! You've arrived, Kiddo! :D