Thursday, January 6, 2011

Busy, busy! And a Question...

I'm sorry, I have been busy!  Not much blogging lately.   I am trying to do sooo many things at once.  I am working on my new studio (I am still in the clean-up-the-old-stuff stage and getting ready to paint the wall next) but while doing that I am still making soaps, delivering soaps, selling soaps both online and at the Saturday Farmers Market and tyring to run a household.  I also am kind-of overhauling the house.  I am very excited to have my kitchen back (after the soap making moves to the studio downstairs) and have plans to repaint it, maybe a new top for the island, how about some new light fixtures etc.   Big plans in my head also to repaint the bathroom, redecorate the living room....whew!  Lots going on!  I did find this fun question posted on Etsy on Face Book and thought are my readers crafters?  What would your answer be to this question?   Mine was that I go to Home Depot with my hubby for plumbing supplies and end up purchasing copper pipe to make garden sculptures!  I just can't help seeing something creative out of all the cool stuff out there.  Check out Etsy on Face Book for many fun responses.  And tell me what your response is! 

Stay crafty!

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