Monday, October 4, 2010

Try Something New!

I went to Whole Foods this past weekend and didn't survive.  

I don't go very often, for a few reasons. 

One, it's in "the city".   Portland.  Which is only about 20 minutes from me is our bustling metropolis here in Maine. Portland is a super cool town with alot of history, great shopping and loads of Irish bars.   I just don't ever seem to know where to park in the city.  Stupid excuse, as Whole Foods has their own parking lot. 

Two, Whole Foods can get pricey and I could loose alot of coin here.  I try to stay away, on purpose.  

We "got" our Whole Foods grocery store about 2 years ago.  The store is gorgeous and everything so shiny and pretty!  Fruits and vegetables stacked up soo perfectly.  Fish and meat, laid in their cases in neat rows.  Gorgeous case of any cheese you would ever want (and I found the cheese that I had once and loved!  A Roquefort with lemon rind), fresh baked bread and adorable little cupcakes.  The prepared foods, wow!    People were filling up on hot and steamy Chinese chicken wings, vegetable lasagna and mixing up their own granola.  Gelato, 16 flavors to choose from. All hand scooped for you as you watched.  

My impulse buy,  Mo's Bacon Bar.  I had to have it.  Had to.  I 've heard all about it.  Maple Bacon inside of your choice of Milk or Dark Chocolate.  The large bars are $7.99 (which I thought was crazy high) but they had little sampler bars for $2.99 (better, but still pricey).   I handed the chocolate bar to my husband at check out and I wander off to check out another section of the store.    He said, what is THIS!?  As I walked away.   He reported to me that the cashier took a look at the bar and said, "wow, this looks good"!   So, I explained to my husband when we got back in the car that this was a chocolate bar with maple bacon in it.   Sweet and salty in one.   He looked skeptical.  We tried it at once.  My husband a little more apprehensive than I ever thought he would be.  I mean, it's bacon.  It's chocolate.  What's not to like?  Okay, it's a little weird.  I liked it.  Great chocolate and I got a salty bite at the beginning, which I loved.  The bacon is very small and you get little bits of it, smokey and good.  It's not something that I am going to be seeking out, but I don't seek out a deep fried oreo either, but I would try one.  Try something new, go for it!

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