Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bloggies

The have an awards for blogs! Did you know that? It's called The Bloggies, like The Emmys or The Grammys.

While yours truly is not in the running (not my little blog), there are a few blogs that I follow that have been nominated. If you scroll down the right hand side of my blog, you will see JOY The Baker, Bakerella & The Pioneer Woman, all which I follow and all which have been nominated!

You can go to THE BLOGGIES and cast a vote or two. You can also click through each nomination directly to the nominated blog and check them out yourselves. (when you go to The Bloggies, it is set up so you need to scroll to the right to see the nominations, not the traditional "down").

Here's the basic write up about The Bloggies: "Ten years ago, bloggers were joining webrings, ranting about the A-list blogs, and journaling about little girls on bikes. The Bloggies were born then and have been grown ever since, becoming the Web's largest blog awards ceremony. This is the 2010 Weblog Awards, where the Web will award the first Bloggies of the new decade".

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