Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mechanics Scrub

I make a specialty soap that I call Mechanics Scrub. Since it is a specialty and not for everyone, I don't sell quite as much of it as say, Lavender or Sea Shore Scrub. Because of the demand of Lavender and Sea Shore Scrub, I inadvertently let this soap run out of stock. The Holiday rush was big, and you guys HAD TO HAVE your Lavender soap! So I made more Lavender and put Mechanics Scrub on the bottom of the list of soaps to be made.

I had a customer come by a few weeks ago. He took some time to smell and view many of the soaps. He was very soft spoken when finally he asked if I had a soap that was good at taking off grease. At first I didn't know if he meant cooking grease and almost reached for the Kitchen Scrub. But after taking a quick look at his hands, I realized he meant GREASE. Like car grease, dirty, thick in the grooves of your fingerprints and under your nails grease. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a WRENCH. (This I found out later after asking my husband, a wrench is a mechanic). I told him all abut my Mechanics Scrub soap bar, how it was loaded with fine ground pumice for scrubbing dirty hands AND that it was made with great moisturizing oils to help prevent dryness when washing alot. But sadly I didn't have any at the market with me. And even worse, I knew that I was out of stock. BUT I did know that I had one smallish size bar back at the studio that I just didn't think was the proper size for sale. I promised him I would bring it the next week. And I did. Handing him the bar of soap and refusing to take payment (like I said above, it was smallish and not a proper size for sale), I told him to check back with me next week.

He came back. He loves it! His hands look soo much better! He wants more! It's on the shelf curing....

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