Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter Markets In The News!

This is the Falmouth Winter Market that I participate in on Wednesdays from 10-2. You can see that we are inside a clear plastic greenhouse. It is pretty toasty on a sunny day. Today was drizzling and the sun was not out, that made for a little colder day.

This is Kay Fowlers booth (above) she sells veggies, eggs, milk, meats and more. Oh hey! That's me, on the left side of the picture, I am wearing a teal blue cardigan sweater and looking down at my table. I think I was straightening some stuff out. Some children had been by and were smelling all the soaps.
This is Cordelia, she has a booth to my left. She is a farmer and owns New Elm Farm. She sells veggies during the summer, but will be spinning and knitting her OWN fleece this winter. She spins at market, and it is quite an attraction. Many people stop to talk with her about it.

This is a typical "hoop" style greenhouse that farmers will use to grow greens and more during the cold winter months.

Winter Farmers Markets in Maine, the new "in" thing....(but we already knew that, right)?

There are 6 Winter Markets in Maine this year, and yours truly is participating in 3 of them.

Here is an article in the Portland Press Herald all about the winter growing season and the expansion of Winter's a bit from the article.....

"The vegetable-growing season used to end with the first hard frost in Maine.

Not anymore.

An increasing number of farmers are pushing the growing season into the winter to take advantage of the surging demand for locally grown food. As a result, more farmers are operating greenhouses, branching out into cool-weather crops and creating new markets for their produce".

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