Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sailing Penobscot Bay

This is a bit off the topic of soap....Glen and I went for a quick little trip up to the Camden/Rockport area last week. We took a fantastic 3 hour sail in Penobscot Bay. It was nice to sit back and watch the scenery and enjoy sailing with out all the work for a change. We chose to sail on the boat Heron, a boat that Glen has been keeping his eye on for a few years now. Glen has a unique ability to remember any and all boats in many harbors and often stumbles across little bits and pieces of information on the web about them. When I mentioned maybe going to Camden/Rockport for a quick trip, he said he always wanted to sail on this particular boat. I imagine if I said lets go to Rockport MASS., he would have a boat tucked away in a little harbor that he was interested in as well.

Heron is a beautiful 65' sailboat, and while she looks old, she is only 6 years young. During summer months Heron sails Penobscot Bay and winters in the Caribbean. The couple that own her, live on board and home school their children. We had a lovely easy sail, delicious Lobster roll lunch (prepared down below in the Galley fresh for us!), viewed many porpoises, and a huge group of seals basking on the rocks.

Heron was passing through Jamaica last year when movie scouts where out and about looking for locations. You know, the perfect car, the perfect little scenic vista and the perfect boat. They found Heron! Heron will soon be appearing in the movie The Rum Diary staring Johnny Depp! What fun for them and hearing the stories of their brush with Hollywood was interesting.

If your in the area of Rockport/Camden...Heron's website:

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sproutsandsweetpeas said...

Wow, that's cool. We will have to be onthe look out for it in the eventuall movie! Sounds like you enjoyed it.