Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blueberry Cream Soap

I just finished slicing a beautiful new batch of my Blueberry Cream soap into nice, thick individual bars of has made the whole place smell soo delicious!
Just like it sounds, you will smell sweet/tart blueberries mingling with vanilla cream. And as you can see, light blue swirls with cream to create an attractive soap.
Men and women alike enjoy the scent of this soap. If you are looking for a fun Maine themed soap to send to friends, this is your soap.
As always, I made the soap with my own tried and true recipe of 100% vegetable oils. No chemicals, no animal ingredients, and nothing you can not pronounce. My soaps continue to be made in small batches, resulting in loving attention to each bar from start to finish and the unique quality of each soap.
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