Thursday, April 9, 2009

Soap Inventory

I try to keep myself fairly organized. I need to be especially organized during Farmers Market season. With 4 markets (maybe more) each week, I need to stay on top of my soap inventory. It is inevitable that someone will ask for a soap that I did not bring to market, and I love to be able to say that I do indeed have it and will bring it next week. I don't want to disappoint my customers.

I keep a spread sheet of all my soap fragrances. I was surprised to find out that I have 44 different soaps! Everything from traditional Lavender to Lavender with Tea Tree. Good ole' Unscented to Unscented with Honey. Shampoo bars to Shaving bars. I keep a tally next to each soap fragrance of what is in stock. The whole column adds itself up and the balance is at the bottom. While I don't really need to know how many total bars I have in stock, it is fun to see the balance go up and down. Right now I have 915 bars of soap. That is a heck of a lot of soap! More soap is being made everyday, some are new fragrances, some are more of the top sellers. After all that soap, I bet that someone still asks me for a soap fragrance that I don't have or haven't made yet....

Oh, that soap in the picture right up there...that is my Wild Sea Rose. We have these beautiful wild rose bushes around the shoreline here in Maine. They are so pretty I wanted to make a soap that reminded me of the Sea Roses, so here it is. I sprinkle soap petals on the top of the soap. It is fragrances with a light traditional rose fragrance and admired by both young and old.

Wild Sea Rose ~ available HERE

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