Sunday, April 5, 2009


Captain and I went clamming today, the first time this year. The weather was a wee chilly at first, but once the sun made it around the clouds, it really warmed things up. Plus all that walking in the sucking mud and trying to retrieve your boot with your foot still inside, proves to be a bit of a work out and heats you up.

I included 3 pictures here, so you can see a bit of what it's like.

The first picture is of my cute pink boots all covered in mud. This particular clamming area, the mud doesn't' get too deep, so these boots do the job. Captain has some hip waders, but I like my pink boots just fine. He has gotten used to being seen with me in these pink boots, I think at first maybe I cramped his style.

The second picture is of a few of the other clammers that were digging today. Each recreational clammer is allowed to keep a 1/2 peck of clams, or about 2 cups of shucked clams each.

The third one is of the shore line. It's still winter-ish here, and you can see from the picture the leaves are still off the trees making for a cold looking day. The tide was on it's way out when we first got there and I took this picture. The tides moves quickly, so what you see of the water would be out much farther in about 1/2 hour, perfect for clamming.

It was a beautiful day. The shining sun, the caw of the seagulls, the smell of the salty air...this is what Maine is all about for me.

Now, will it be fried or steamed clams tonight....


Anonymous said...

sooo, what was it? fried or steamed? LOL!

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

We steamd them...water, white wine and shallots. They were very good, nice and sweet. Thanks for the comment.