Friday, April 17, 2009

Lilac Soap

Northeast gardeners will know this fragrance immediately as a sign of spring. Around here Lilacs are one of the first and most fragrant flowers around. I personally am totally head over heels in love with Lilacs. I have 2 small Lilac bushes on my little 1 acre of land and love them so dearly. Lilacs never seem to stick around as long as I would like, their season lasts only a few short weeks. But enjoy them we do. Cut and placed in vases on the kitchen counter, on the back deck, bathroom shelves, brought in bunches to work, all for everyone to inhale their sweet fragrance.

Lilacs bring back a memory for me. I used to live in the cutest little neighborhood back in Massachusetts. I grew up in this perfect little town where you can walk to the town green and ride your bike to school, the library and the ice cream parlor. Lilacs were on every corner. All shades of purple, and a few of the rare white, blossomed all at the same time creating a super fragrant bicycle ride. Across the street from the house I grew up in, was a 50' row of Lilac bushes. Huge, huge bushes with giant and full blossoms. It was such a treat. We would cut and cut and cut those Lilac bushes and bring fist fulls of blooms to teachers at school, my friends house for dinner, for our own dinning table. It is a wonderful memory.

This Lilac soap is so close to the real flower, it is amazing. I just inhale and inhale the beautiful fragrance and can't seem to get enough.

I am stirring up a batch right will be a special limited edition soap and available in just a few short weeks. I CAN'T WAIT!

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