Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some New Soaps

Cabin Fever?  Maybe, I have spent some time inside due to the cold, snow and the ongoing Soap Studio project.  Sometimes you just have to make something new.  I'm happy to show you some new soaps....

In The Garden ~ Basil & Sage with crushed Sage, Calendula petals and Poppy Seeds.

This soap doesn't have a name yet.  It's very fresh and a bit sweet, some rain-type fragrance in there as well.  Swirled with 2 tones of blue and a white, the colors should develop deeper as the soap cures.  A sprinkling of Poppy Seeds too.

Lavender & Herb.  Sweet, fresh lavender with some herby undertones.  3 layers.  Bottom layer is simple white soap, middle layer is a light green and the top layer is white again with the addition of Calendula petals.

Since winter isn't close to being over, I'm sure that you will see some more new soaps soon. 

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Anne-Marie said...

I saw the beautiful green swirls on Facebook...I love the blue swirls too!