Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 National Toboggan Championships

This past weekend the weather warmed up to the mid 20's and my parents, hubby and I bundled up and ventured out to the 2011 National Toboggan Championships that are held each year in Camden, Maine.   It has quite a draw.  People from all over the world come to compete.

Hmmmm, no vehicles on the ice?  Really, because it looks like that is what they are doing.

Tailgating, Maine style.  Fire pits, beer, burgers grilling all the fun of any regular tailgating party!  Oh and of course, waxing up your toboggan for a super fast run.

There are lots of wacky costumes as amateur and professional teams compete in the races and also are judged on their attire.

Our friends Bennett and Kat brought along their pizza oven and were selling Wood Fired Pizza to the masses.  It was really good.  Of course, I want a pizza oven now.

We were sure to cast our vote in the Chili Cook-off.  You paid a small fee and got 11 different little cups of chili to taste.  You then voted for your favorite. 

This was also lunch.  They were all very good.  But, I did have my favorites.

But the main attraction, the toboggan races!  My dad and I were talking briefly, and only briefly, about entering in the amateur division next year.  Wouldn't that be fun!?

Here's the chute.  It's pretty basic, only wood sides and about 18-24" wide.  Iced down really good too.   In the center of the picture, above the people in red, you can see a very small hut/house.  This is where the run starts.  You are kind-of dropped onto the chute and away you go! 

Hold on tight!

Of course, someone has to keep score of the times.  In the lower left of the picture, you can see one of the wacky costumes.

And I leave you with this....doesn't everyone need a crochet beard/moustache/hat?

This was all held at the Camden Snow Bowl, where you can do more than Toboggan, you can ski, go tubing and more.  http://www.camdensnowbowl.com/

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