Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, What Else Is New?!

We have had a heck of a winter!  Lots and lots of snow....here are the latest snaps from our storm on Saturday.

The snow was really coming down!

A reflection of me in the glass of the back doors.  You will notice I'm all bundled up in my snow pants and down jacket while my little kitty Rocky peers at me from the warmth of the living room.  See the hot tub in the reflection?  We decided to close it down for the winter this year and we are glad that we did.  

The drifts at the back of the house are more than 1/2 way up the rear garage door.  I gave up trying to shovel it out because I was just darned tired after shoveling soo much snow from all the other doors and porches.  You can see our lobster traps won't be free and ready to fish until mid spring or so!

What?  How did this picture get here?   Oh yeah, this is what I wish it was like....

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LambAround said...

Geez, look at all that snow! We're expecting some here in Albuquerque today, but nothing like that :p