Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sea Urchin Soap

I made another batch of those beautiful Sea Urchin shaped soaps and they came out of the mold perfectly this time.  I did a bit of research and crossed my fingers and they came out of the mold just beautifully.   So, I now have to work on pricing and packaging.    I was playing around with this clear oval container that I use for my soap samplers.  It was the perfect size.  The little circle you see tied on with the ribbon is actually a little button of the Casco Bay Soap Co. mermaid.   I still need to work on a label and find a more exciting ribon but here it is so far:


Beth said...

I really like this soap and packaging!

Anne-Marie said...

Great job with the packaging! That container really is perfect and I love the idea of including a button on the ribbon, it's like a little keepsake after the soap is gone =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
You've done it again. Absolutely stunning!! Sometimes something is so simply beautiful and elegant that it can stand on its own.I think it is sheer perfection .I bet they'll sell out in no time.