Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We've Got Snow...

We had an official Blizzard the other day.  The first one to hit us in a decade.  It was a big deal around here.  You may have heard of it on the news?   The Blizzard of 2010 that paralyzed the East Coast the day after Christmas.  Oh we get plenty of "regular" snow, a Nor'easter or two each year.  And it is expected, I mean, this is Maine.  But an official Blizzard is always exciting. 

Captain and I had time to batten down the hatches, as it took a while for the well documented news worthy storm to make it's way up the East Coast to Maine.  I took down the outdoor Christmas decorations.  I felt kind-of sad and all business like taking down the garland, lights and wreath only 1 day after the holiday, but it was the best thing to do.  If the garland and lights got all covered with snow and ice and buried under 7' of snow, I may not take them down until Spring.  And the 3' diameter wreath hung on the front of the house, up very high.  I had visions of it swinging in the gusts of wind and eventually flinging off the house, Frisbee style into the nearby cemetery.    Captain got the plow Jeep running and pumped up the tires real good.  He made sure our generator was running well and we had plenty of gas on hand to run it.  The flashlights were out and we had provisions to last us for a couple of day.  We were prepared.

Thanks to Face Book, my RI, CT and MA friends kept me posted as to snow fall amounts, flickering lights, and wind gusts.  We were ready.  The storm finally dropped it's first flakes last Sunday afternoon and the wind didn't stop howling until late Tuesday.  We had 2 nights of dangerous winds with gusts over 40 MPH.  The house was making alot of racket every time a gust blew through.  Our snowfall amounts here on the Coast of Maine reached only about 12" or so.  It was hard to measure, as we had soo much wind and the blowing snow is over 2' deep in some parts but only a mere 1"  in others (I can see some grass).  Here are a few pictures that I took late in the day on Monday.  You can see the flakes in front of the camera, it was coming down fast and furious, the wind was whipping and I was only out for a few minutes as it was a bitterly cold. 

Looking out the back door....

Looking out over to the neighbors (they have a beautiful horse farm). 

So, we've got snow.  The temperatures aren't going to let up much, I mean we are in the 30's.  No melting, I think it will be around for a while.  Hot cocoa days and soap making.


Ambra said...

Lovely photo's and exciting post. I always get a bit of a thrill from extreme weather. Hot cocoa and soap making sounds lovely.

Anne-Marie said...

Stay safe inside and nice and warm. We're having a strangely warm Christmas season (which is odd for Washington State) so it's nice to see the photos =)

Jennifer Young said...

Shannon, beautiful photos. What a beautifuly place you live! Wow! I really wanted to respond to yesterday's post. It got me so excited for you and for me really, because that is where I would like to get to. I am beginning to think about my New Year's goals... and your post motivated me so much. You have reached a place where your business is growing to the point that you are moving facilities! Soon you may be hiring someone! Anyway, way to go. Your story is inspiring! xo Jen

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving comments everyone!

Ambra ~ I have a hot cocoa recipe here on the blog, my FAVORITE homemade hot chocoalte recipe!

Anne-Marie ~ You have been lucky! I venture to say that snow is going to happen sooner or later. Get the shovels ready! :)

Jen ~ WoW! Thanks for your support! I am taking baby steps but it is all exciting. I get alot of my motivation from Anne~Marie over at Brambleberry, she has us all working on homework for our business plans for 2011.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!