Thursday, December 9, 2010

They Draw And Cook

I have this super cool site bookmarked on the side of my blog (right down there on the right, under "Stay Inspired! Creative Blogs") and just had to feature it up here in a post.

Have you seen They Draw And Cook?  It is very cool.  Various cooks from all around the world submit recipes that are creatively illustrated.  So beautiful!  And a new recipe and art everyday.  You must go and look for yourself :

But here are a few to tempt you...


Jennifer Young said...

I am back with another question for you! I have tried the laundry soap with the borax and washing soda... but when I use grated up leftover soap of mine, I can never get it shredded up very small, then is sticks and clumps a bit in the washing machine. Ideally I want it as fine as powder, no? Any tips? xo

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for stopping by.
I havn't noticed any trouble with clumping or sticking in my machine. My soap doesn't all grind/grate down fine. There are still tiny balls of soap in the detergent.
I use hot water in my wash. With that and the agitation, the soap seems to melt away.
Hope that you find a solution.